Dancing the Night Away!

Regular visitors will know how much I like jiving. I did this pen & ink drawing of my favourite, 1950s dancing dress a few weeks ago, and have been waiting for an opportunity to add the colour.

Jiving dress

It was hanging on the wardrobe door, because I was just about to get dressed up to go to a big ball in Stockport.

You can see what the dress looks like in action here.

Drawing Micheal

I did some lifedrawing last night. It's been a while - last time I went was back in April.


Luckily the group has moved from the cupboard-room, and is trying out a new space: my friend Tim's new studio in town, which sounds rather swish, but is actually very basic and still not exactly massive, but miles better.


Micheal is a great model who keeps very still, and is wonderfully long and bony, with a really dramatic profile.
We started with some 10 minute poses, like the two above, mashed some tea, then did an hour long pose: the drawing at the top.

Just Time to Whip Out the Sketchbook!

This is a sketch I did sitting on the grass in on the edge of the playground during my visit to Lound Infant School. If you are a regular visitor, you'll know I've got rather into playing with tinting my drawings, either in Photoshop or with watercolour, and this was no exception. You can see the tinted version on my main blog.

When I got home from the school, I had time to sit in the garden for a while and so did this sketch, looking back towards the house. I love these incredibly tall poplars and the way the sway in the breeze. Again, the tinted version is on the main blog.