Sheffield's Walkley SketchCrawl

We were really lucky to have a wonderfully sunny day for our SketchCrawl in Walkley. I know it's summer, but you can't take anything for granted!

We were also lucky to have Mohammad along, who took loads of photos for us. So, instead of me remembering at the last minute to snap half a dozen, if we're lucky, we have a smashing selection to choose from, of us drawing in all our locations from the day. Thanks Mohammad for being so generous and letting me use them.

As you can see from the photos, we are a very mixed group: all ages, from children to pensioners and both male and female. There are all ability levels too - anyone is welcome to join in. All you need is a sketchbook and the confidence to give it a go!


Here is a selection from the sketchbooks of a couple of other people who were there on the day and have emailed their drawings to me, for sharing with you:

Bryn Hughes:

Jane Horton:

You can see some more photos, as well as all the sketches I did, on my regular blog

If you would like to take part in one of our future Sheffield SketchCrawls, drop me an email and I'll pop you on my mailing list.