Big Draw in Corby

Here are some of the brilliant drawings done by families in Corby, celebrating the Big Draw:

We had a great time, decorating the floor of the big hall at the Kingswood Children's Centre, which we covered in huge sheets of card:

Everyone mucked in together on some pictures:

Families worked together on others:

Or groups of friends, or siblings:

Some children worked on their own:

And so did some adults:

I'm not sure what this is, but it looked really interesting:

Working on the floor, we had some problems with footprints, as you can see, so after a while we put away the charcoal sticks!

A great time was had by all - you can read more about the day on my main blog.

Drawing Train Portraits Again:

I'm sure you will have read my tales of woe, regarding my last batch of school visits, done under the influence of a lingering cold, and finally ending in laryngital-imposed silence!

Well, the good news is that I at least didn't get a runny nose til later, so I still managed to get quite a few sketches under my belt.

These are a few of the ones that I couldn't fit onto the regular blog. Mmmm - I just realised that they are all men. I must admit, I like the craggy, hairy, boney nature of men's faces. We girls can be a bit fresh and gorgeous!

If you want some hot tips on drawing people in public, check out this post.