Drawing People on Trains Again...

I've been playing around in Photoshop again! You can see the original, unsullied, black and white pencil drawing on my main blog here.

There is an article with loads of hot tips on how to draw people in public places on the main blog here.

Colouring Drawings in Photoshop

Had a go at colouring the last train sketch I showed you, tinting it in Photoshop as I often do. I'm rather pleased with it. I like to choose just a couple of colours and leave a lot of white 'negative' space, rather then colour everything.

If you want hot tips on drawing people on trains, read this.

Train Portraits in Pencil

These are a couple of train portraits I did on my way home from Bristol this week.

If you'd like to see the ones I did on the way there, pop in on the post about my trip to Chewton Mendip Primary School.

If you want to try sketching people in public places, take a look at this post full of hot tips!