My 'Overflow' Blog...

Hello fair visitor! Welcome.

Just to let you know that, although there is quite a lot to see here, this is not my main blog, but a sort of 'overflow', where I put things that don't belong on An Illustrator's Life for Me! or on my website. It is also a place where I upload extra sketches and photos, when I have too many for one post on the main blog.

On my website you can find not just all my children's picture books, and literally hundreds of sketches from my everyday life and from my travels, but also films of me talking about how I became an illustrator and why I keep sketchbooks, and demonstrating how I create a piece of my pastel artwork.

On my main blog, you can follow the evolution of my various picture books, from first ideas and sketches, to published books, as well as see all the sketchbook work I am creating, as it happens. This sketch of John is one I did on a Sunday evening, while he was watching TV. He is very patient with me and lets me draw him all the time. Thank you John!