Sketching People on the Nottingham Train...

Yes, I'm back on trains again. If you read my main blog, you'll know that I've been doing quite a few trips back and forth to Nottingham.

Here are some of the sketches that I couldn't fit into that post.

This woman above was strangely intense looking, mostly I think because of her quite harsh makeup.

I spent some time playing in Photoshop with this next one: yes, the seats really are that red!

Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to play with colouring most of them yet. Maybe later. I always enjoy that bit and find it rather therapeutic. Actually, the whole 'sketching-on-trains things is rather Zen: such intense focus concentration, it's almost meditation!

If you are trying to draw people in public places, you might be interested in this post with all my best hot tips!

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