Fabulous New Young Illustrators!

Here is a more detailed look at just a few of my favourites from the Nottingham Illustration Competition:

I was especially impressed with the winners from Fernwood School, who had put an extraordinary amount of work into their projects. They wrote surprisingly sophisticated stories, and not only illustrated them with loving care and delightful creativity, but bound them into actual books, complete with illustrated front and back covers and blurb!

All these illustrations were done by Y7 children - amazing eh? The work you can see here was done by prizewinners Amin Ahmadi, Laura Ajouz, Lucy Jennings, Parris Rawson and Ashar Burney. Well done guys!

There was some brilliant work done by all the children that took part and it was an excellent project, devise and organised by the folks at Quadrant C Leading Edge Partnership.

I'm sure you'll agree that there are some wonderfully talented children in Nottingham and very possibly a few future authors or illustrators!

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