Big Bad Wolf's Friends From Oz

I love the internet: how else could I have been able to see my biggest Big Bad Wolf is Good fans, smiling at me all the way from Australia!

This is the lovely Peterson family, and here they are being sad with poor, lost no 5:

Great faces guys! I'm so pleased that you love my big, furry friend.


Unknown said...

Oh and if you look closely you can see that we were doing illustrations at the time! Perhaps one of them will follow in your footsteps.

We are on the lookout at the ACT library for more of your books. We've done an online search and there are 26 listed in the catalogue but strewn all over Canberra so we shall have to order them in to our local branch.

We'll keep you posted!


Deb xxx

Lynne the Pencil said...

There have been a few Aussie co-editions, particularly of my titles with Gullane. Hope you like them too.

Nice to see some potential illustrators-in-the-making!!