How To Look A Complete Idiot...

I have got my sunglasses flipped under my chin here, instead of on top of my head like a normal person, so that I won't flatten my spiky hair. I have no idea how ridiculous I look!

This photo was taken in Lucca in Tuscany, during a walking holiday. Where are the walking boots, I hear you cry! Well, we took a day off at the end, to rest our feet a bit and do some sightseeing before heading home. This is what I am sketching:

Lucca Cathedral, like the rest of the city, is very old and beautiful. The cathedral was rather big and grand for drawing in a little sketchbook though, so as you can see, I decided to concentrate on details.

This is another Lucca sketch from that day: the main square, which isn't in fact a square at all, but an enormous, circular area, lined with the obligatory cafes and spotted with pigeons. We unwittingly booked our sightseeing day on a Sunday, which meant that unfortunately lots of things were closed, but it was a huge advantage for my drawings, as things were not as packed with visitors.

This drawing is of the view behind me, from where I was standing in the photo at the top.

Lucca was dotted all over with these stone towers, one of two of which you could go into. These pictures below were taken from the top of one. I have always found these views of old, tiled roofs rather lovely and can never resist taking far too many photos!

Although we were walking from village to village during the rest of the holiday, half way through we did stay more than a single night at a tiny place called Fornovolasco, again for a day of rest, so I got the chance for a bit of sketching. This is the window of our room (in the only bar / restaurant / guest house in the village).

And this is one of my favourite sketches of the trip: the view from that window.

There was also a lovely view from that little balcony in front of our window, down into the leafy corner of the village square:

If I looked over to the left instead, the view was up the main street, towards the mountains, where we did do a round walk the following day, before continuing the trip. Fortunately the mountain wasn't quite as scary as it looks in this photo!

The village was clamped onto the side of the mountain's foot though, which meant the street was incredibly steep. Notice the drainage channel down the centre.

We arranged the holiday through a company called Sherpa, who move your main luggage for you from village to village, so you only have to walk with a day-sack. An excellent idea. They provide you with maps and book your accommodation, but other than that you're on your own.


weechuff said...

What a pretty place. My favourite drawing is the one looking down from your balcony onto the leafy square. I can almost imagine myself there! You are extremely talented:0)

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thank you!

It was certainly a 'room with a view', that's for sure.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

These drawings are absolutely fantastic. Reaaly great. (I'm still making my way through your archives - hope you don't mind!!)

Lynne the Pencil said...

Lovely to have you!

It's nice to know that sometimes the old ones do get looked at too.

Anonymous said...

Guess where I went? Lucca! I was inspired by some of the photos on your blog and decided to go there for the day. It was wonderful! I rented a bike and cycled around the walls and bought pesto, cheese, prosciutto and bread for a picnic by the Pizza Napoleone. I wish I had brought my sketchbook for the Bargello.