Beg, Borrow and Steal

Well luckily I didn't have to steal, but I did beg and borrow. I thought you might like to see the miraculous outfit I cobbled together for my friends' Czech wedding.

I was a bit of a disaster zone... Not only did I very nearly set fire to myself during the groom's speech, but I managed to leave my dress hanging on my wardrobe door, back in England! I didn't discover it until the day before, and only had combat trousers and t-shirts.

Instead of being freaked out, I saw the funny side. Fortunately people rallied round, rummaged in their cases and gave me lots of bits and pieces to try on. Incredibly I managed to look fairly acceptable in the end. Phew!

I touched up the sketch I did of the bride and groom, with the aid of the wedding photos, and made it into a post-wedding congratulations card:


granny grimble said...

What a lovely photo of you Lynne. that colour really suits you. Who is the smart young lad that you are chatting up!
Sending a post weddng card was a great idea, and something the bride will love to keep (perhaps frame).

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thank you!

That is Ruben, 11yrs going on 16, who took a real shine to me. Everyone thought he was my son because he was surgically attached to my side all weekend!

Nina Khashchina aka Apple-Pine said...

well, all three of you look positively superb on that photo %) Great picture - looks very much... not "set, smile"! And I think that outfit works perfect for almost any occasion!