Margaret Beaufort School Workshops

Remember my visit to Margaret Beaufort Middle School down in Bedford?

After my lectures, the children had a great afternoon, trying their hand at a whole range of different book-related workshops, and I popped my head in on as many as I could manage.

Mrs Wickins, who did a sterling job of organising the whole thing - a momentous task - sent me these photos, as well as a few pics of some of the results...

One workshop was to create silhouette book illustrations (lovely sense of movement here!):

Another was for groups to work on whole books. This was a 'touch-&-feel' picture book, with lots of collaged textures. Every page of this book is a different bizarre pizza topping, with a lift-the-flap comment:

Yet another project was for groups to make split-page books, where the reader can create crazy combinations while trying to match things in the right order:

Other children made lift-the-flap French recipe books, and maps and charts to illustrate stories. This is a painted book illustration. The children were given various poems and stories excerpts to choose from. Can you spot the evil creatures hiding in the woods behind the poor unsuspecting dragon?

Apparently Mrs Wickins and I did very well: the children declared it their 'best Bookday ever'! I was very proud to be a part of it. Glad you enjoyed yourself guys!

If you haven't already seem them, take a look at the comics some of the boys created.

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jade said...

I am happy to accommodate them for free. I'm also very keen to speak to organisations that would like to sponsor these workshops, info