More Old Men

Here are a few more sketches from the first half of the holiday in Italy:

I didn't draw as often as I would have liked: the weather was a bit chilly and wet for sitting too long in one place, and we were walking most of the day anyway, and needed to get to our destination. No time for lounging about with a sketchbook!

As you can see though, I did capture quite a few old men, mostly either in bars or, more often playing cards in the evening.

I showed the sketches around when I'd finished, as I think it's a fun way of making contact with local people when you don't share their language. When they recognised their friends, there was much nodding, laughing and pointing.

The man's balcony was immediately above the two in the previous picture. I tried out my pen again, for a change:

If you want to hear more about how I draw, take a look at one of my short videos, or take a peek inside some of my other sketchbooks, such as those from my travels, to countries like China, Namibia, Vietnam, Australia and various other places all over Europe.


Felicity Grace said...

I'm really enjoying your sketches - what a wonderful place to visit! It reminds me of a trip I made to southern Italy with a friend to her little home town. It was a different world and you've really captured that lovely atmosphere here! (Glad to hear your feet held up too!!)

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks Felicity!

Unknown said...

Che brava! :)
I love these "italian" sketches!

Ira R said...

love the sketches. Makes me want to return to Italy NOW!