Meeting another Urban Sketcher

I spent a fabulous day with fellow Urban Sketcher Liz Steel, talking about drawing, doing some drawing, looking at each other's drawings...

We did a lot of eating and drinking tea too. We had so much to talk about, we only had a short while to actually go out sketching, so we walked to the local cemetery, which is chock-full of tumbly-down tombs and huge, stone-slab gravestones, leaning at all sorts of precarious angles.

Above is Liz's sketch (you can just see me in the far left) and mine is below. We spent around 45 minutes on them, perhaps an hour. Liz uses pen and watercolour, mine is watercolour overlaid with conte line-work.

This is me posing with little Borromini Bear, who is accompanying Liz on her travels, all the way from Australia to America, and then round Europe:

Good luck on the rest of your adventures Liz!

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