Graves Park SketchCrawl Pictures

Here are some photos and some of the sketchbook drawings that people did on the last Sheffield SketchCrawl.

We spent the day in Graves Park, where there is a Rare Breeds Centre, so we had fun sketching the animals. Unfortunately, Barbara only remembered to get the camera out later on, when we were drawing by a small lake.

Though on the whole it was a hot, sunny day, in these pics we were sheltering under the trees from the rain. 

While we were there, a young girl came along the footpath with her mum. She was keen to see what we were up to. Les (above) lent her a sketchbook and she joined in:

Below are a few drawings by some of the other people who came along to sketch with me. You can see what I came up with on my main blog here and here.

Work by Dee Barker:

Work by Barbara Morris:

Work by Sian Hughes:

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