Wet SketchCrawl!

June's SketchCrawl was a bit damp. Well, I guess we can't complain: apart from a few showers at the end of the one in Graves Park, we have been very lucky with the weather so far (which, for England, is a miracle).

Were we faint hearted, when we saw that the forecast was so abysmal? Not on your life! We stayed in the cemetery as long as was practical (above is Porridge the dog, investigating Maya, our youngest, 7 year old member), then mid morning, when the skies opened, we moved to the Botanical Gardens, to the shelter of the glasshouses:

Most of us fitted into the few cars, but a handful trudged the whole way through torrential rain. We SketchCrawlers are made of stern stuff! 

Below is a selection of the sketches that people did on the day. My work is on the main blog here.

John Birks:

Julie Whitham:

Bryn Hughes:

Afraa Yousef:

Sian Hughes:

Michael Lee:

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